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Friday, September 29, 2006
Alba Roses

Hello world,

Today i'm want talk about Alba Roses not Jessica Alba :D..

Of all the old roses, this small family often gets overlooked. This summer they were the undoubted stars of our garden, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Albas probably arrived with the Romans, and continue to be strongly associated with England. In Latin, Alba means white, but there are now probably as many pastel pink hybrids as there are whites. A small family, with only 13 varieties available in New Zealand.

Albas are believed to have originated as a cross between the thornless single white R. canina and R. damascena. The white Albas are the oldest, with the more recent pastel pinks probably being later hybrids.

Albas have many unique and distinguishing characteristics.

  • Most obvious is the foliage, sometimes blue-green, often leaden grey-green. Always matte, often with very serrated edges. Quite distinct from the other old rose families.
  • Albas will tolerate more shade than other families. Mostly tall shrubs (originally known as 'tree roses'), they are supremely healthy, thrive on neglect, cope with poor soil and don't need spraying.
  • Add fabulous fragrance and you have a family of roses that demands attention.
  • Flowering later than the Gallicas and Damasks, they provide grace, fragrance and style when the old rose garden is beginning to wane.


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