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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Rose Meaning
Hello world,

For Generations, the rose has traditionally been the favourite symbol for love and beauty. Whether giving to a loved one or simply for your own pleasure, we are sure that you will enjoy our collection of the freshest roses straight from our nursery.

However, when selecting a rose bouquet, remember roses have a language of their own!

No colour can say “I love you” better than this Valentine Favourite. It not only speaks of passion, but also stands for noble values such as respect and courage.

In general, symbolises grace and gentility, The pink carries that message of happiness. Deep pink says “thank you”. Light pink conveys admiration and sympathy.

Conveys sociability and friendship, modesty, appreciation, admiration and sympathy.

Golden Yellow:
Expresses joy and gladness – the best gift for new mothers, newlyweds or graduates. They are also a subtle reminder for a busy husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Has several special meanings – “you’re heavenly”, reverence, humility, innocence and purity, “I’m worthy of you”, secrecy and silence. In rose history, white roses are just as colourful as red ones!

Denotes enthusiasm and desire. Perfect for letting people know that you want to get to know them better.


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